The only cookies you’ll get from us

Most websites today, use your browsing patterns to build an extremely detailed profile of who you are and what your interests are. Think of all the ads you see on websites on hotels when you were just researching your next holidays or that thing you just bought that is then advertised on other websites. This is valuable information for advertising agencies to monetize. A darker realization comes from the fact that this not only influences your buying behavior but will even be used to influence your behavior in general. Not to mention children and teenagers who are even easier to influence.

While there are legitimate uses for cookies, such as keeping track of what you have in your shopping cart or storing your session credentials so that you don’t always have to log in again. Unfortunately, the technology also allows for your data, to be gathered, analyzed, and tracked which enables third parties to manipulate public opinion and influence behavior, while at the same time, making millions in profit by collecting your data.

Klarrio is fundamentally against the collection of personal data. We are a day-one gaia-x member, an organization representing business, science, and politics on an international level to create an open, transparent, and secure digital ecosystem in an environment of trust. As part of this, we decided to make our website entirely cookie-free back in 2020. And it still is cookie-free and will stay that way.
We believe it’s time you claim ownership of your data and defend your rights because we believe privacy is a fundamental right of everyone, and personal data should stay where it belongs. Under your control.

Data sovereignty and Data literacy is something we try to evangelize and put into practice by rejecting as many cookies as we can.
We are Cookieless!