Bring your career
up to code

in a creative space
for experiments and ideas

If Kafka, Kubernetes, Scala, and 100-node cloud clusters sound fun to you, if you like open source and cutting-edge technology, then Klarrio is the perfect place for you.

We’re looking for savvy and motivated people who aren’t afraid to rock the boat. Our team includes people with a diverse range of expertise, cultures, age groups, and educational backgrounds.

We have but one goal in common, and that’s to be the very best at what we do.

If you’re looking for a balanced and encouraging work environment, the next step is to get in touch.

Job Opportunities

Your Klarrio perks

that go above and beyond a regular salary and benefits package

Always on the cutting edge

We like to handpick the best infrastructure and technologies for each project. You will experiment with all sorts of open-source technology while working for global organizations. It is some real software engineering stuff, not just point and click on existing high-level solutions.

Plenty of learning opportunities

Choose the training you want to follow. Then we ensure you can apply and validate all you have learned in a friendly and quality-driven community. Our seasoned coders have 10+ years of hands-on cloud native experience, and built platforms that connect millions of things.

High-quality equipment

In addition to your personal laptop, in our offices you will enjoy the comfort of standing/sitting desks with ergonomic office chairs and a dual-screen setup. When you start with us, you can also choose a mobile phone with an unlimited subscription.

A relaxing environment

Charge your batteries in our chill space with a unique view of the Stadspark from our rooftop terrace, and enjoy your break with board games, fresh beverages, and snacks. You will have quite a few options for lunch and after-work get-togethers at Antwerp’s many hotspots.

Conferences & writing

You can participate in conferences on company time and costs, moreover, if you want, we fully support you in giving a public speech or writing on a topic that is close to your heart (and to ours).

Work-life balance

We provide 1 additional holiday per month (ADV). Our office, where we come on-site 3 times a week, is located a 5-minute walk from Antwerp central station. We trust you will get the job done, no need to take a day off for a dentist visit, we are quite flexible here.

A diverse compensation package


You work as part of an interdisciplinary expert team on the most challenging and innovative customer projects.
Our inhouse development teams share knowledge and experience in order to bring the most value to our customers.

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