Klarrio data engineers build and integrate the foundation for your solutions.

Our expertise

While data analytics provide valuable insights, a well-defined architecture and data platform are crucial for achieving actionable results.

Klarrio’s data engineers have years of experience in doing just that. We not only implement custom-built solutions for organizations, but also create a future-proof foundation to process ever-increasing volumes of data in real time.

Data engineering

for complex message layers.

Our experience and resulting expertise have taught us that even with a “turnkey” solution, there is always an underestimated integration effort. And it’s exactly in the complexity of integration challenges where Klarrio can help you with:

  • Intricate system-architecture design and implementation
  • Cloud-native expertise to bridge the gap between legacy and modern applications
  • Open-source big data and analytics software knowledge and experience
  • Database optimization, configuration and migration
  • Data integration and event-capture (from data warehouses or other systems)

Examples of best-of-breed technologies as well as our domain expertise include: 

  • Messaging systems (e.g. Apache Kafka, Apache Pulsar)
  • Protocols, connectors and change data capture
  • Data processing frameworks (e.g. Apache Spark, Apache Flink)
  • Custom data extraction, ingest and processing logic
  • Databases (Apache Druid, Postgresql, MongoDB, Cassandra)
  • Micro-services and event-based architectures
  • Scalability and performance tuning
  • High availability and resilience

To learn more about how Klarrio data engineers can help enable cloud migration, application modernization and data integration, contact us today.


  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Flink
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Druid
  • Postgresql

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Kafka Security by Dominique Chanet

Real-time Data processing Architectures: Lambda vs. Kappa by KURT JONCKHEER

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