Real Time Data Streaming With Real Results

Providing Data Stream Analysis and Processing

Open Source solutions. IoT. Analytics. AI. PaaS. The digital landscape keeps changing.

So do your IT requirements. And that’s why we’re here. Klarrio is a one-stop resource that provides cloud-native data streaming and processing solutions for organizations with complex integration requirements and exceedingly high volumes of bi-directional data flow.

We offer cloud-agnostic solutions to help you achieve cross-organizational impact, a collaborative partnership, and the ability to align disparate data sources to deliver results not attainable with conventional IT architectures. All while avoiding vendor-lock-in and future scalability constraints.

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Klarrio is a one-stop professional services and cloud-native integrator and prototype developer for organizations that need deep expertise in Open Source technology. We help you define and accelerate your transformation to new business models, disruptive technologies and cloud-native value-added services and vendors.

We do it securely and cost effectively, while providing you with a team of cloud-native experts to help transfer our knowledge to your own, internal IT resources.

See for yourself what we have done for some of our other clients. And how we can do the same for you.

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KPN Drives Two-Way,
Real-Time Traffic Communications into the Fast Lane.


BoatyBall Runs Full “Stream” Ahead with Mooring-Ball Reservation System Built by Klarrio.


Smart Solution: myCSN-cloud Helps Smart Cities Deliver Real-Time Services.


Real-Time Analytics Helps NATO Detect Emerging Digital Warfare Threats.

There is no ‘one solution fits all’


Business Strategies

Deciding how to tackle the new world through leveraging the ‘born on the cloud’ paradigm is a direct outcome of a rapid and correct ruling on the ‘Buy, Partner, Built’ exercise. Technology is not the final objective; concrete services and ‘go to market’ plans are.

Technology & Design

All players are using the same claims of scalability, elasticity, agnosticism, and cost effectiveness; as such, success relies on the key selection of core technologies and/or services.

Integration Services

Few can afford going 100% green field. Leveraging past investments and entering a digital transformation dictates a realistic integration between legacy, enterprise, and cloud native open source components.

Custom Builds

The premise that there is no ‘one solution fits all’ results in a combination of ‘fast prototyping’ and ‘custom use case specific development’. Depending on the maturity of the customer and its end-user base, Klarrio can offer both acceleration of builds as well as enterprise-grade deployments.


Without clear data strategies, articulating how to monetize the new economy is difficult at best.  Market pressure and/or competitors are forcing companies into the domain of IoT and Big Data/Analytics, causing many players to lose their way in the creation of a data roadmap.

Data Security & Privacy

Future business value lies in the ownership of and/or access to data.  While most market players preach that data-ownership lies with their customers, few execute as such.  Security, data governance and privacy by design are key.

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